Diamond Shapes Guide

Diamonds have long captivated hearts and inspired dreams, symbolising eternal love and timeless elegance. These precious gemstones, formed under immense pressure and crafted with meticulous artistry, come in an array of enchanting shapes that cater to every individual's taste and style.

When in search of an engagement ring, one of the key considerations is the shape of the diamond or gemstone. This choice holds immense significance as it profoundly impacts the overall appearance of the ring, working hand in hand with the 4C's (cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight). In the guide below, we will embark on an exploration of the most popular diamond shapes, equipping you with valuable insights to enhance your engagement ring shopping journey.


The Princess cut shares a square shape like the cushion cut but boasts cleaner, more modern lines. As the second most popular shape, its symmetrical appearance and contemporary feel make it a preferred choice for many.


Radiant diamonds display a striking rectangular silhouette with trimmed corners, blending the elegance of an emerald cut with the brilliance of a brilliant diamond. The result is a captivating and distinctive aesthetic that radiates charm.


With a square shape and square-cut corners, the asscher cut diamond maximizes its sparkle through steeper facets and a deep crown. This combination results in a distinct and mesmerising look that sets it apart from other diamond cuts.


The round, or brilliant cut, holds the distinction of being the most widely favored diamond shape. Its timeless and classic appearance, coupled with expertly crafted facets, ensures the maximum dispersion of light, resulting in a breathtaking sparkle.


The oval shape is a contemporary and flattering choice that complements most finger shapes. Its symmetrical and elongated cut creates the illusion of a larger diamond for its carat weight while exuding an elegant and timeless style.


The cushion shape showcases a square or rectangular silhouette with softened corners, offering versatility in various ring settings. Its larger facets produce flashes of light, creating a unique and dazzling effect distinct from the traditional sparkle of a brilliant cut diamond.


Symbolising love and romance, the heart shape boasts an iconic and instantly recognisable silhouette, representing profound emotional connection and affection.


The emerald cut, with its elegant rectangular shape, proves to be a flattering choice for various finger shapes. Its shallow facets accentuate a diamond's clarity and colour, making it an excellent option for higher quality stones.


Also known as the teardrop, the pear shape artfully combines features of the brilliant and marquise cuts. Its elongated form creates a unique and stunning appearance, complementing diverse finger shapes with grace.


Renowned for providing the most expansive surface area among diamond shapes, the marquise cut cleverly creates the illusion of a larger stone for its carat weight. Its contemporary style offers a distinct and captivating look that stands out.


Boasting a triangular silhouette with equal sides, the trillion, or trilliant, shape emanates a striking geometric aesthetic, adding a unique touch to any engagement ring design.


Exhibiting a simple and elegant appearance, the baguette shape is characterised by its long rectangular silhouette and minimal 14 facets. Often serving as accent stones, Baguette diamonds play a supporting role in enhancing the overall design of engagement rings.