The 4C's of Diamonds

Each diamond set in a piece of Serena jewellery is certified and graded by the 4C's - Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut - to ensure exceptional quality and truly outstanding gemstones. Certification bodies such as the GIA  AGS and HRD work to very strict criteria when making each assessment so you can compare each stone with ease and confidence. Keep reading as we break down each of the 4C's below


A diamonds carat is the measurement of its weight, as opposed to its size. However, depending on the cut and shape of the stone, the heavier the diamond, the larger it generally appears to be.


Each and every diamond is unique and naturally formed, and one of its characteristics come in the form of imperfections. Those that are found within the stone are known as inclusions, and those appear outside are referred to as blemishes. A flawless diamonds is the optimum in this category, where there are no imperfections visible even under 10x magnification.


This assesses the absence of colour in a diamond. The grading is done alphabetically and generally runs from D to J, which D being colourless. The clearer the diamond, the more desirable it is and the higher its value becomes. 


The cut of a diamond defines its personality, its proportions, angles and symmetry. A diamonds cut affects the way light interacts and travels through a stone. This translates to how a diamonds shines and its sparkle factor. The depth of a cut as well as the number of facets a diamond has all impact the way a diamond will reflect the light.